Goralska Résidences | Paris hotel residence

Hotel residence in Paris Bastille, Goralska Résidences as a matter of course

In a hotel, you expect to be able to choose between rooms and suites. In the hotel residence in Paris Bastille Goralska Résidences, you don't. There are only suites available. More space, more amenities, more comfort and more privacy - that's the promise of these hotel apartments, ranging in size from 40 m² to 100 m² for family rooms. This 4-star hotel near Bastille Paris also offers tailored services such as laundry and buffet breakfast. Whether you're coming as a couple or a family, for a few days or a long stay, you'll find not only the comfort you'd expect from a 4-star hotel, but above all personalized, tastefully decorated living spaces. It's not an apartment you're renting, but a fully equipped hotel room you're booking. In other words, you'll feel right at home, with 4-star hotel service.

Hotel residence in Bastille, a revolutionary location

Goralska Résidences is undeniably a fine hotel residence in Paris. But its strategic location in the heart of Paris should not be overlooked. Its proximity to the Opéra Bastille is obvious. But the hotel's immediate surroundings also include the Bassin de l'Arsenal and the Ile de la Cité, less than 2 km away. But even more important than proximity is the ability to get around easily. In the heart of Paris, there's no shortage of public transport. And from line 5, at the foot of your 4-star hotel in Paris, you'll be able to reach 3 Paris train stations, so you can get around the whole region very easily too. Goralska Résidences is both in the heart of Paris and in the heart of the Ile-de-France region, so it's up to you to make the most of it.

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