Goralska Residences | 4 star hotel Paris Gare de Lyon

Look no further for your 4-star hotel Paris Gare de Lyon: Goralska Résidences

Why choose a hotel when you can choose a 4-star hotel residence in the 4th arrondissement of Paris ? That's the idea behind this beautiful establishment that goes further than a hotel. There are no rooms here, only suites, magnificent suites whose distinctive feature is that they all have fully-equipped kitchens. Need autonomy and flexibility to adapt to your outings, your pace of life, the presence of children or your professional constraints? That's why hotel residences are the best answer. It's even wiser when that answer is a 4-star Paris Gare de Lyon hotel, or to use it as a base from which to explore the entire capital.

A Gare de Lyon hotel to serve you

You'll always want to come home to Goralska Résidences, your 4-star hotel in Paris 4e. First and foremost, there's the comfort of a room transformed into a suite with a fully-equipped kitchen. There's the charm of the decor and the pleasure of the view over the Arsenal harbor. We also like the facilities, including Wi-Fi, separate bedroom, room service, large-screen TV and touch-screen tablet. The common rooms are also pleasant to live in, allowing this 4-star Paris gare de Lyon hotel to straddle the line between hotel residence and more traditional hotel. The fitness room is a classic, but we particularly like the Concept Store. It's both a boutique space and a breakfast area where only fresh produce is served. The bar, 24-hour reception, private lounges for professionals - everything is designed to make your stay in the heart of Paris a memorable one.

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