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Homey, cosy et nomad

All of our suites are fully furnished, entirely digitalised and equipped with advanced technology. You are therefore able to customise the lightning and the atmosphere of your stay with an iPad and have full access to our Conciergerie.

Start of in the Orient, escape to the heart of Asia and make a detour through Africa while meeting people of all ethnicities - yes, Gorals< ka is full of wonders and riches. You’ll find the walls covered with plant materials, natural oak floors, colourful decorative works and creative books in the library. The nature and the distant countries are ubiquitous with elegance in this soothing retreat.

The motives on the scarfs by Hermès exposed on the walls, represents ethnic jewels and different maps of the world while affirming the refined nomad style. The lamp base made out of ropes as with the frames on the mirrors, reminiscent the boats docked at the port. The Italian glass mosaic in the bathrooms imitates the shimmering water of Port de l´Arsenal with its multiple reflections.